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Family Medicine

Women’s Health

We offer a wide range of women’s health services, from routine to specialized care.

Men’s Health

We provide comprehensive and personalized men’s health services, from prevention to management.

Pediatric Services

We offer pediatric services for children of all ages, in a friendly and supportive environment.


We provide high-quality gynecological care for women of all stages of life, from exams to surgery.

Behavioral Health

Mental Wellness

We offer mental wellness services to help you cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional challenges.

Wellness Visits

We offer wellness visits to help you maintain your health, prevent diseases, and address any concerns.

Behavioral Health

We offer behavioral health services to help you manage your habits, emotions, and relationships.

Routine Services

Sports Physicals

We offer sports physicals to help you assess your fitness, prevent injuries, and meet your athletic goals.

Blood Work

We offer blood work to help you check your health status, diagnose conditions, and monitor treatments.

Vision Care

We offer vision care services to help you improve your eyesight, prevent eye diseases, and choose the best eyewear.

EKG & Labs

We offer EKG and lab services to help you measure your heart activity, detect abnormalities, and evaluate your overall health.

Special Screenings


We offer mammogram services to help you screen for breast cancer, detect abnormalities, and get early treatment.


We offer prostate services to help you check your prostate health, diagnose conditions, and choose the best options.


We offer dental services to help you maintain your oral hygiene, prevent tooth decay, and improve your smile.


We offer cancer services to help you prevent, diagnose, treat, and survive various types of cancer


We offer diabetes services to help you manage your blood sugar levels, prevent complications, and live a healthy life.
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