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Ala Stanford, MD, FACS, FAAP

Center for Health Equity

The Dr. Ala Stanford Center for Health Equity (ASHE) here to help you create a healthier, happier life.

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Ala Stanford, MD, FACS, FAAP

Center for Health Equity

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Creating a future for public health equity
in the Philadelphia Community

The Dr. Ala Stanford Center for Health Equity accepts all patients – infants to adults.

Under the visionary leadership of Founder Dr. Ala Stanford, and CEO Kamau Stanford, the Black Doctors COVID19 Consortium (BDCC) has shifted the paradigm of the delivery of medical services.

Recognized as a national model by Dr. Rachel Levine, the Assistant Secretary of Health, BDCC has been at the forefront of serving Philadelphia and surrounding counties during this global pandemic.

Committed to providing access to exceptional healthcare through advocacy and education, we serve with empathy and care.

We recognize that equity in healthcare requires action and we have answered the clarion call.

Collectively, as we are still grappling with the pandemic, our focus has expanded to include addressing other health disparities and challenges that plague communities of color. Now recognized as the Black Doctors COVID19 Consortium (BDCC), our continuum of care will be expended via the Dr. Ala Stanford Center for Health Equity.

The Purpose for Building the Center for Health Equity in Philadelphia

The medical system has unfortunately been untrustworthy to people of color, both historically and current day. However, medical care is crucial for everyone’s livelihood and longevity. Trust between patients and health care personnel is an essential factor and necessary to improve health outcomes. To further answer this call, we have engaged culturally competent, diverse clinicians to provide genuine patient-centered care in the heart of the city’s most vulnerable communities.

This is the vision of the Dr. Ala Stanford Center for Health Equity, to reduce and eliminate health disparities by following the science and listening to the people.


Health is Wealth. Together let’s explore ways to increase the earnings in our communities.


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